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Welcome on the site of the Leibeekhoeve.

On our farm we have a very wide boarding kennel for cats and dogs in a green and rural .

You will com also learn more about our Cattery British Shorthair with Belgian and European top bloodlines.

When you wish an obedient dog, this is also possible! The training and and behaviour centre of the
Leibeekhoeve stand trial for analysing and solving behaviour problems by dogs.
It's also possible that we train your dog to an OK obedient dog.

Ah the Leibeekhoeve it is also possible to find a good and correctly bred puppy of the Belgian Malinois.
Bred on stably and social character with muchwill to please. The Belgian Malinois you will also find in our training centre, such as trained dogs for next purposes:
Personal protection dog, guarding dog, detectiondog and sport dog.

 If you would not succeed through our section related to nose around, you can also reach us at the 015 / 75.73.26 or via email; At Sun and holidays we are closed.
Open; Ma.13u .- 19h. / Di.17u. - 19h. / Wo.13u .- 17h. / Do.17u .- 19h. / Vr.13u .- 19h. / Zat.13u .- 17h.